About Us

After ten years of experience Candid Interior can confidently claim to have acquired the formidable skills necessary for distinguished interior design construction. We believe an in-depth understanding of each stage of the building process is essential in achieving the superior quality demanded by Candid Interior. From the initial phases of conceptual and developmental design, through to project management and the delivery of the final product every detail receives our full attention. Candid Interior thus adheres to a philosophy that creativity combined with professionalism and sound comprehensive knowledge are the keys to quality production and solving your business needs.

Our success stems from technological expertise, tailored-service management and a fine tuned sense of aesthetics. These three components of quality are the cornerstone of our ability to serve Candid Interior’s clients and alliances. We therefore aim to be one of the leading total solution, interior construction and production companies in the AEC within three years.

Candid Interior is confident in offering our clients, partners and stakeholders a high quality of interior construction unsurpassed for professionalism and technical accuracy.



  • Quality

    We strive with the head for best quality.

  • Services

    We serve with heart for total solutions.

  • Aesthetics

    We create livable interior spaces with a strong sense of beauty.